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Normally, whenever people consider running as a sport and ponder over the accessories to provide the required impetus, the first thing that comes to their mind is running shoes. It is quite understandable that running shoes are vital and may turn out to be the difference between winning and losing, but there is another equally important factor that we commonly miss or give lesser importance to. It’s the socks that we use. Donning the best compression socks for running can enhance performance and give confidence to the runner.

Whenever it comes to running, champion runners often mention that compression socks are the most vital of all running accessories. And it’s not just the champion runners, but trainers and bio-mechanical experts backed by scientific studies and on-track records proving that compression socks do result in a marked difference in performance.

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So, What Are Compression Socks?

Specially purposed for running, compression socks usually are knee-length socks that are made of exceptionally strong elastic. Once they are put on, these elastic socks compress the entire leg, from the knee to the foot. It compresses the muscle fibers, veins, nerves etc and ensures that the flow of blood is evenly distributed throughout the tissues, even through the minutest circulatory channels. The result can be felt instantaneously, the legs will feel stronger, lighter and more importantly, it will ensure that the leg and foot muscles don’t get exhausted or swollen up.

How to Select the Best Compression Socks for Running?

Selecting the best compression socks for running requires attention to a few details. These details are mentioned below:

1) The Right Measurement
Compression socks are not just any other socks that we buy from the market. These socks should fit perfectly and details like the length (knee to toes), circumference (includes the circumference of the calf), measurement of the foot arch and ankle are very important before purchasing them.

2) Keep An Eye On the Sizes Offered by Different Brands
Another important aspect to keep in mind is the fact that there are various product brands and there are variations in sizes among them. A medium size offered by a brand might just be same with a large size offered by another. So, keeping the size chart in mind will go a long way in helping you select the best compression sock for running.

3) Decide Which Compression Socks You Need!
Even in the compression sock segment, there are products meant for different purposes. Some compression socks are meant for running, some for cycling, and some for trekking and so on. Hence, before purchasing your compression socks, ensure that you select them in accordance with your purpose as the product material used to make them varies in each.

4) Breathability
However, there is one common feature that should be present in all compression socks i.e. breathability of the fabrics used. If the material is not breathable then it will result in sweating and itching, which in turn will adversely impact the performance.

The best compression socks for running won’t magically make you win races, but they will ensure that your leg muscles function more effectively, and will improve performance and agility.

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