5 Tips Blister Treatment from Running

All the runners out there in this world know what a foot blister is. To anyone new to this field, it would be good if you give serious thought to this unfortunate trait.  Blisters are not just an unwanted nuisance that you can ignore and pretend that everything is alright. It’s a serious affliction that snatched the glory away from many potential runners. Let us move ahead by understanding what a blister is and what causes it. Later on, we will address how to heal blisters.

What Are Blisters?

Blisters are fluid-filled elevations that occur on the outer layer of our skin. The phenomenon by itself is not a disease, rather it is a part of our body defense mechanism. It happens as a result of injury to the skin mainly caused by frictions, burns, and allergic reactions. The fluid present in the blister heals the underlying skin and should not be punctured unless necessary.

However, by their very nature, blisters can be painful. Especially with continued friction, they can turn into blood blisters. Blood blisters are much more painful than normal blisters resulting from injuries to the blood vessels along with the skin.

Blisters are Intimately Related to Running

It is only normal that runners are all the more likely to experience blisters while running. Imagine the foot in-action while running, with all that sweat, heat and friction. Consider running on a track, with just a couple of hundred meters to finish the race and an unfortunate blister on your foot. The urge to finish the race might keep the runner going, but the continued friction might seriously harm the foot. Not to mention the excruciating pain that comes with it.

How to Heal Blisters

This is not a one size fits all scenario. People differ from each other when it comes to developing blisters. Again, even for the same individual, what worked on a certain day might not work on the next. Let us understand how to heal blisters and how to minimize the chances of developing one.

1) Ensure that Your Shoe Fits Perfectly
Most of us can easily mention the shoe size that fits us perfectly. But, it might not be so if we take running shoes into account. Running shoes out to be a little larger than normal street shoes. This is because our feet tend to swell up as we work them out by running.

Pro running shoes like the Altra Shoes, with their FootShape™ technology, is a marvel when it comes to designing the perfect running shoes. The FootShape™ technology ensures that the shoe seamlessly adjusts itself to the feet while running. It imitates the human barefoot in both its design and feel, making the shoe feel as like your naked feet themselves, rather than just a piece of wearing.

Another important feature of the Altra Shoes is its Zero Drop™ technology. This amazing feature will make you forget that you are even wearing your shoes while running. Its unique design will make you land on your forefoot while connecting with the ground rather than on your heels. That will ensure better alignment, sustained vitality while running, and it minimizes the chances of injury to the ankles and the calf muscles as well.

2) The Socks
Make sure that you use proper running socks. Running shoes are usually made of synthetic fiber, with layers in-between, in order to absorb the friction within the layers itself. Such socks are designed to fit the anatomy of your feet perfectly and they go a long way in preventing and healing blisters.

3) Lubrication of the Affected Area
Proper lubrication of the affected area with petroleum jelly like Vaseline can reduce the friction considerably. This will stop the blister from developing into a blood blister, and help with the healing as well.

4) Calluses are Good For A Runners Feet
Here, you have to compromise a little. A squeaky clean foot can be pleasing to the eye, but the rough external skin or the calluses will prevent the skin from damage due to friction while running. If you are trying to figure out how to heal blisters, maybe you should skip your pedicure sessions for a while, especially if you are considering running seriously.

5) Tapes and Foot Pads
How to heal blisters that are already there and somehow you can’t seem to skip the next run? Well, the answer is by using tapes and foot pads. The most important thing is to ensure that the affected part is kept free from friction. One of the easiest and most effective steps is to sufficiently cover the specific part with adhesive tapes.

Running is one of the greatest sport ever, it brings countless health benefits and should be very much a part of our everyday life. In order to ensure the best running conditions, the Altra Shoes with its groundbreaking FootShape™ and Zero Drop™ technologies has surely come up with the best possible answer to all running woes.

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